We Specialize in:

  • wood pallets
  • plastic pallets
  • dunnage
  • other packaging products

We manufacture, repair, and reassemble pallets and provide our customers with top quality new, used, and rebuilt pallets and the best customer service!

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Noted for our quick service as well as our efficient and effective processes, Niagara Pallet & Recyclers Ltd. guarantees delivery within 2-3 business days.

Our inventory of more than 30,000 pallets and our reliable network of contacts are the backbone of a system designed to serve your needs.

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Located at 2906 South Grimsby Rd. 8 in Smithville, ON we operate on a 5.5 acre site with 40,000 sq. ft. indoors.

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Throughout our history, our mission has been to:

  • repair
  • build
  • source

pallets of any dimension.

Our company’s commitment is to move your business, whatever your requirements, one pallet at a time.

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